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Our Story

                       DISCOVER SPARKLES SHOP

Sparkles Shop specializes in all kinds of jewelry that is hand crafted by gifted artisans around the world. 

As a brand, Sparkles Shop focuses on creating and enduring perfect kinds of jewelry for the many roles the contemporary woman plays. An integral part of their designs is the ability for them to be worn alone or with pieces you already own. They embrace the need for colour, for versatility, for the artisanal.

Growing up in the Royal heritage city of India.....the land of beautiful princesses and queens, I too had a dream. I wanted to design jewels that can bring a smile to every face.

So I, Shilpa Agarwal proudly present to you “Sparkles Shop” We aim to provide our customers nothing but the highest quality and affordable jewelry. Our unique pieces meet a wide variety of needs and personal styles.

Our products, that I carefully select from artisans all over the world range from rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.Whether it’s a busy office executive, a young bride or a woman who just wants to sparkle. Sometimes a good piece of jewelry is all you need.

I welcome you to Sparkles Shop ,I hope you like our collections and that you’ll join us on this journey of creativity, championing women and giving back.

Happy Shopping!!